Dental Hygiene

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

When it comes to oral health this old adage rings so very true. Personal oral hygiene habits and regular dental cleanings are essential to preventing problems and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. We are here to help. Our caring and competent dental hygenists will assess and, if necessary, make recommendations to help improve your oral health. A full hour is scheduled for each and every cleaning appointment. This allows our hygienists to pace themselves so they have both the time and the energy to tend to your unique needs. We believe each person deserves to be treated individually, there is no cookie cutter approach here. Of course, dental cleanings are a personal encounter and not every hygenist can make every patient feel comfortable, that's just human nature. Providing patient care at our office are four equally capable hygienists each with their own special demeanor and caring personality. Communication is key to understanding and meeting your needs and we encourage you to discuss your concerns, apprehension, or sensitivities. It is our responsiblity to make you feel comfortable so you will never hesitate to seek the preventive care you deserve

The great benefits of good oral hygiene, more than you might think!

We all know and appreciate the benefits of a healthy dentition. Whether smiling, eating, speaking, or just avoiding bad breath, healthy teeth are essential to the quality of our lives. But did you know that clean teeth and healthy gums may also help prevent other serious diseases?

A lack of proper personal oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings will undoubtly lead not only to tooth decay but also to gum disease, and there's the rub!

More and more studies are linking gum disease to an increased risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease. "It isn’t nailed down yet," said Dr. Martin J. Davis, professor of clinical dentistry at the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia, "but there seems to be a link between the inflammation of gums and the inflammatory markers of heart disease." Numerous studies suggest poor oral hygiene and gum disease may increase the risk of heart disease in men by up to one third and to almost double in women, even after controlling for smoking.

The mechanism of how this works is still unclear. As it is well known, oral bacteria are able to enter the bloodstream, mostly by the way of bleeding gums. This creates a presence of bacteria in the bloodstream known as a "bacteremia." This has been well established as a source of infection for individuals with internally placed prosthetic devices, such as artificial heart valves and hip replacements. It has been theorized that these bacteria may attach to fatty plaques in the coronary arteries and cause clots to form or stimulate an inflammatory process that in turn increases coronary plaque buildup.

Whatever the case may be, oral bacteria swimming around in the blood cannot be healthy.

Therefore, proper personal oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings are not only essential to a healthy, beautiful dentition enhancing our quality of life, they may well be essential to life itself.

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